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Dark cloud 2 water tank

dark cloud 2 water tank

DARK CLOUD 2 PHOTO IDEAS FAQ .. glowing gate opposed island chair flag water tank victory stand electric bulletin Ocean's Roar. There is a glitch in Dark Cloud 2 known as the Lure Glitch, and this glitch is considered Infamous by all people. on the strategy guide it says at finny frenzy. i have never seen that place in palm brinks. musta spent 30 mins looking for it. Also how do you get the crescent. You are supposed to hit the butterflies in the order of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, cs go beste kiste. Take a picture of mexikanische flagge bedeutung robot near the counter poker strategy advanced is also a display case. Slots machines online is in the Firbit's House in Sindain. When you enter and go up the short stairs into the room, the phone is below the camera angle at the top of those stairs. It is novoline tricks book of ra freispiele item that the Ridepod is standing on. Try outside City Hall. Restore the Glowing Mushrooms in Future Sindain and then take a picture of .

Dark cloud 2 water tank Video

Getting All the Monster Transformation Badges - Let's Play Dark Cloud 2 [P67] Is my disc damaged? Restore the Work Crane and take a picture of the giant mechanical cranes. The large withered tree. Book One in Mortons Sundries, on Counter A book or stack of books. It looks like a large metal flower with a seat around the base. Moon Crystal and Crest Revived Starlight temple restored Lighthouse Moon Crystal restored 3. Go inside the tent and take a picture of the large electronic screen on one wall. Lava Road Mt Gundor Mouth After using the Fire Horn that Galen Agaris gives you, take a picture of the path that opened up through the lava. Doctor Jaming will be circling overhead as you attempt to knock him out of the air. Curtain Maxs House, Maxs Room The curtains on his window. Snap a photograph of the robot overtop the table in any of the labs. Juraks Nose Sindain Constructable in Georama. Sign In Don't have an account? You can find a Gold Store in Milane's Weapon shop, photograph the curved doors behind the counter. Quickly turn around and start taking pictures of him as soon as he blows up. It is the lighted window down the stairs on the wall near the counter. In Ocean's Roar Cave Veniccio dungeon. Take a picture of the train on the right. Below this general list I have listed all the photo ideas alphabetically and given a more detailed description for where you can FIRST find the idea. In Cedric Shop in Palm Brinks.

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Go down to the hot springs and aim at the spring on your right if you are facing down the ramp. To get this picture hit any butterfly but the red one. The light is a yellow light near the ceiling. It is the large watermelon in the refrigerator in Morton's store. In the engine of Blackstone One. Take a picture of one of the dead trees around the landscape. SCOOPS [ ] A Surviving Soldier Missed:

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Work Crane Restored Resident in house with crane 3rd floor of workshop restored Windmill placed 6. It is near the wall on the right when you are facing away from the door. Deer Horn Geralds Room in Maxs House The antlers decorating the walls. I believe Bomber Head first appears on the Danger Zone fllor. After the cool cutscenes with the Chrono Union at the end of chapter 6, you can see Gigantor Paznos. How well a fish does in the race is determined by its stats. dark cloud 2 water tank

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